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Bitten by Witch Fever - Lucinda Hawksley

Starting on October 05, 2017 2:00 pm

Author and broadcaster Lucinda Hawksley will talk about how death by arsenic became a constant topic in Victorian newspapers. Had you lived in the 19th century, your home would have been fraught with arsenical dangers: from the wallpaper that hung in your bedroom, the lampshades used to cover your reading lights, and the clothes worn by you and your children, to the food served at your dinner parties. 

Even though arsenic was used widely as a rat poison, the discovery of its unique and beautiful colour properties, inspired designers and artists to start a new craze for arsenic green fashion, ignoring the fears of medics and campaigners. 

The prevalence of arsenic in the Victorian home led to its use as a murderer’s weapon of choice and to it be being dubbed a woman’s weapon

Lucinda will talk about wallpaper, fashion, medical mystification and serial poisoners.  


Book Tickets: £10.00 
includes tea and cake

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