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The Templars - Dan Jones - SOLD OUT

Starting on October 08, 2017 7:30 pm

Join bestselling author, historian, award-winning journalist and TV presenter, Dan Jones as he tells the remarkable story of the Knights Templar. 

The Knights Templar were the wealthiest, most powerful – and most secretive – of the military orders that flourished in the crusading era. Their story is a blistering journey through bitter conflict in the Middle East, a study of unrestrained financial power and a shocking lesson in the dangers of propaganda and political envy, which builds to an unforgettable end. Small wonder that the Templars have fascinated and inspired historians, novelists and conspiracy theorists from their own times until the present day. 

Dan Jones has created a gripping page-turner out of the dramatic history of the Templars, from their spiritual warrior beginnings until their tragic destruction by the French king and the Pope. It is genuinely moving and a chilling contemporary warning about the abuse of power through persecution and lies. 

Philippa Gregory 


Book Tickets: £10.00  SOLD OUT

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