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Warwick in the Great War - Graham Sutherland

Starting on October 02, 2017 10:00 am

There was a holiday mood in Warwick as the first troops left for France in 1914, but underneath this jovial façade, their loved ones knew not all of them would return. Yet life went on, albeit with many different (and not always popular) experiences.

As the war stagnated, Warwick`s citizens offered practical support for the troops at home and abroad. How did they cope with the returning wounded soldiers and where did the soldiers go? Difficult decisions had to be made between food requirements and conscription of farm labourers. How was the inevitable food rationing enforced? What happened after the Army Pay Corps moved to Warwick? How were prisoners of war treated here and overseas? 

Explore a little-known piece of Warwick’s history which formed the basis of Graham Sutherland’s latest book Warwick in the Great War.


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